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In Uncategorized on October 14, 2008 at 6:06 pm

>Last night was supposed to include P90X Arms & Shoulders and Ab Ripper X, however, Jodi had a Tastefully Simple party last night and I was with the boys. It was fun but didn’t allow for an hour + workout.

Today Jodi called me at work to tell me that Asa threw up. A little bit later she sent me a txt that I should come home to help. So I went home a little after 1. It was kinda nice to spend the afternoon with the fam. Asa fell to sleep on my lap. He seems to be feeling a bit better now. He has asked me to read him 4 books while I have been typing this.

Random Music:
Earlier tonight a random thought popped into my head that I wanted to listen to Marching Band Music. So I listened to samples in the iTunes store, mostly of fight songs. As I listened Jodi would try to guess what school it was. Asa would clap his hands and Jodi marched around on some of them. Now I am listening to Christmas music. I have noticed recently how much I enjoy music. I would rather listen to music than watch tv a lot of times.

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