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I was born March 18th, 1981 in Flagstaff, Arizona. My family lived in Winslow, but many people were in the practice of having their babies in Flagstaff where the bigger hospital is. As my parents made their way to the hospital my mom asked to stop for some food, knowing she would not eat once she got to the hospital. They pulled into the Wienerschnitzel (now called Route 66 Dog Hous) on the corner of Route 66 and Switzer Canyon Drive. As they began to order my mom threatened to my dad “you better not tell them we’re on our way to have a baby.” He wisely did not.

I was named James Kenneth. Both of these names are family names. Especially Kenneth, Kenneth is my dads name, was my grandpa’s middle name his dad’s middle name, and I think my great great grandpa’s first name. (I’ll have to check on that) I have been told that my sisters both had this name until the moment they were born and so the name was passed down to me as the first boy. It was thought I might be twins, but I was not. I am the only grandson on both sides of my family. A generation of 6 girls and me. I suppose that covers what I can say about my own birth.

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