It’s ok

In Uncategorized on February 24, 2011 at 10:14 am

Back in 2002 I was in a play at William Penn University. I didn’t have a major part or anything, but my new friends from church came to support me. Ryan & Melinda Stonebraker and Melinda’s Sister Jodi Huff. After the play I received an cool hand made card from Jodi. We all went out to get ice cream at Dairy Queen. We sat and talked for sometime, then we left. I gave Jodi a ride back to her van that was parked at the Fine Arts building. When we got there we sat and talked for ever. So long that after some time she noted I should turn my car off so I didn’t run out of gas. As our conversation was ending I asked if she wanted to go with me to get gas. I started my car and we headed to the Kum & Go. The one close to campus was closed so we headed a bit farther, that’s when it happened. My car ran out of gas. Not exactly the way you impress a girl. I did have a gas can so we walked to the gas station. In the rain. Me in flip flops. When we get there I realize I only have 2 bucks, just enough to by a little more than a gallon at that time. We walk back. I pour the 1 gallon + into the tank. We get in, I turn the key and nothing. I try again, nothing. Again, nothing. After many tries I threw my keys on the dash in frustration. Jodi leaned over and grabbed my hand and said “It’s ok.” Now I was taken back because we had never held hands or, well we were “just friends” at that point. I think this is when I knew I loved her. 8 + years, a wedding, unemployment time, & 3 kids later, she is still helping me see “it’s ok.”

I love you Jodi


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