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BCS throws the Fiesta Bowl under the bus.

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This week news of massive misuse of funds by the Fiesta Bowl President, John Junker, was released in a report by the Fiesta Bowl. [ story here ]Now the BCS [Bowl Championship Series] is taking this opportunity to create the APPEARANCE of distance from corruption. The BCS must realize that the very appearance of corruption may lead to investigation of ALL 4 of the BCS bowls and the BCS itself. Where do the millions of dollars these games generate go? Why NCAA take such a hands off approach to the end of the college football season? The BCS has very harsh words for the Fiesta Bowl, but I doubt their real concern for the misuse of funds. My thoughts on this whole predicament:

  1. A question out there is,  “Why is the Fiesta Bowl in the BCS in the first place?” My answer:  It is played in one of the best stadiums in the country, and it takes place is a place that is a vacation destination in January. We saw what happened at the Super Bowl in Dallas, sorry Cotton but you are out as a possible replacement. No one wants to go somewhere cold for the BCS.
  2. Playoffs! It has been out there for what seems like forever, but it must be mentioned again. Here is the best playoff model I’ve seen [Dan Wetzel Plan] It was published a few years back so the teams in the mock bracket are dated. The biggest issue is the money. Where is the money going? Well right now its going to the Bowls. And we can see how much “good” that is doing. Why not send the football championship money back to the schools? You know the one’s who sponsor the sport to begin with.
  3. This guy Junker makes $600K as the president of the “non-profit” Fiesta Bowl. He had the ability to charge around $480K / year on a company American Express card. Regardless of weather that spending was on “appropriate” items, those figures make me severely question the system in place.
  4. IF the BCS does in fact remove the Fiesta from the lineup of championship bowl games, add Arizona to the list of states on the anti-trust lawsuits against the BCS.
  5. The BCS and the NCAA are corrupt, making me doubt weather the money would go to the right people either way. However, the bowl system is also corrupt, where as a playoff system has a very high likelihood of being above board and a wild success. See #March Madness

thoughts on 30

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Last week I reached my 30th birthday. Many people would think that I or others would be negatively affected by graduating into the 30’s. Here are few thoughts:

  • I feel very similar [maybe exactly] the same as I did at 29, but I feel more than 10 years older than 20.
  • In speaking with my Grandfather [age 92] I get a nervous feeling that my first 30 years lack the significant events that one would hope characterize their life. Hearing the heroic stories of his time in WWII, and thinking of how his time spent as the pilot of a B-24 has defined his life in so many ways makes me wonder. I wonder if  I have [or will] do anything that will be of such notable definition. When I am 92 will I be asked about parts of my first 30 years with the same anticipation as I have for my grandpa’s war stories? Then I think, were the 1940’s just a much more significant time then the 2000’s.
  • I feel pressure to have some deep analysis of my life. To define the meaning thus far and to chart a grand new path. The energy and honest desire for either I can not find.
  • I have started to envy people when I hear their age is 24, 27, 25, 2?…
  • As my body aches today from a 2.something mile run last night I am reminded that I am not the still faithful runner I had hoped to be at age 18.
  • I do have a few items that I would like to do in the NEXT 30:
  1. Run another marathon [under 4:30]
  2. Visit all 50 states, Europe & Asia
  3. Payoff my debt [the paid off home mortgage will take the place of a BMW as a status symbol 🙂 ]
    Pretty non-extensive list I know, certainly there are many others that could / should be listed.
  • 30, where does the time go?
  • Get busy living or get busy dying    – Andy Dufresne [Shawshank Redemption]



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