leaf week one

In Uncategorized on May 20, 2011 at 11:41 am

It’s been 1 week since I turned my leaf. Since then I have:

  • Walked/Run 10.63 Miles
  • I have gotten up before 6:00 am to exercise 3 times.
  • I have NOT gotten up when the alarm went off twice.
  • I have eaten 2 salads for lunch. If you know me that’s huge.
  • I have NOT eaten at Chipotle.
  • I have NOT had a Dr. Pepper [ or any other tasty sweet beverage ]
  • I have registered for the Kansas City Half Marathon [ see photographic evidence ]
  • And craziest of all, I still weigh 218.
  1. You’re doing great. Keep working. The number on the scale will change soon enough.

  2. Hey Buddy,

    I said I’d lose it with ya. I got a late start on it but I’m down to 208 from 220 since July.

    That half-marathon is creeping up on you, how’re things at your end?


    • I got a little behind during a couple weeks of excessive heat we had here, but I’m still on track for the half. Sounds like you’ve done some good work yourself.

  3. Great Job James!!!! Brad just entered me into a race (only a 5k) but said I need to beat people. I know the feeling of trying to get back into shape it’s hard work. Brad recently lost 20 lbs and is working out on a regular basis now too. Good luck on the 1/2. I would love to do a marathon someday


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