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Watching those Chiefses play football.

In Life on August 29, 2011 at 1:32 pm

Last Friday we went to watch the Chiefs preseason game against the Rams. It was the first Chiefs game for our boys so as a dad I was excited for that. Our friends the Pruetts went also and tailgated with us. Kerry grilled up some awesome brats and Rochelle’s hot [warm, because the mini crock pot wouldn’t work via the car adapter] cheese dip was great also. We had been talking about it for a while and when we asked Asa who was playing he would say the Chiefses or those Chiefs guys. Crazy NFL math: 8 tickets on Stub Hub = $40 [we were in the second to last row] Two parking passes = $54. I’m just thinking it doesn’t make sense to charge more for parking than people can buy tickets for. Never the less we had great fun. Check out my facebook photo album. The captions tell the story.


It was good.

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“It was good” I – VII

An interpretation of Genesis 1:1 – 2:3

I – Dark & Light

II – Water & Sky

III – Dry Land [Plants & Trees] & Oceans

IV – Sun & Moon [stars]

V – Fish & Birds

VI – Land Animals & Man

VII – Rest [Sabbath]


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Kansas City 15k Relay

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So I signed up for the Kansas City 15k Relay at work. Word is NPH will have 4 teams. So the deal is each person runs a 5k, this is cooler than a normal 5k because you have the added benefit of a team. My teammates are Mark Evilsizor & Kimberly Adams. Two pretty cool people. We have named ourselves “Sporting NPH.” As far as goals: I think our goal is to finish somewhere between 1st and last. My personal goal is under 30 minutes.


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